Katie : Class of 2018


Katie : Class of 2018

I still can't believe this session actually happened!! Not just one item knocked off my Bucket List but TWO and with a lovely new friend to boot. Katie is a student in one of the journalism classes that I spoke to about photography this fall and her senior photographer had a baby recently! Katie was hoping to have some snow senior photos but her photographer was on maternity leave, so I was happy to fill in for a quick session to complete her photo portfolio. And boy, did we have to move quick! It was one of the coldest days on record in the last month when we went for this. So, we had a game plan inside and then would book it to make one idea happen, rest inside for a few and book it again! Katie did a fantastic job, as did her pups and horses!!

I'm pleased to introduce you to Trigger (left) and Hope (right). I was thinking about the movie Homeward Bound every time I looked at Hope's mature face. Poor thing-her hips were probably giving her such trouble to sit on cold snow, but they were all troopers for their dear Katie: 

We next moved to her barn area and her horses! I can't tell you how many years I've wanted to do a senior session with horses and this black pony would photo bomb at every opportunity. It was so sweet and you can see just how cold it was by looking at his eyelashes and whiskers:

See how he makes his way in to most photos? What a sweet little guy! Quick outfit change and back out to the fence line to capture the sunrise!

One last idea for the morning. Poor Katie was shivvering, I couldn't feel my fingers even though I had gloves on. I am afraid to ask how long it took Katie thaw after we were done! But I love what we captured this morning!

Katie: I'm so proud of you and your commitment to go "all in" for these photos!! I'm sure it took you awhile to thaw but I hope you feel it was worth it!! Enjoy the remainder of your senior year and best wishes as you pursue Elementary Education!! 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE. 


Leah + Brian


Leah + Brian

When Colt came along, I had the pleasure of documenting dear Brian and Leah at their maternity session and Colt's newborn. When Hudson came along, I unfortunately had the flu and had to pass them to a great friend of mine. Now, here comes Grayson and I'm redeemed! ;) Leah & Brian were their calm, loving, gracious selves and were so well prepared for this session-complete with marshmallows for the boys if they smiled! Love it! And I love what we captured on this chilly morning:

The boys were on a roll, so we kept going with it and knocked out the whole family too. Then, the boys could go play while we focused on just Leah & Grayson:

Brian revisited us once the boys were settled into their play and I love what we captured!

Their living room window light is wonderful in the morning hours and Grayson was intrigued by the brightness:

Leah & Brian (& boys!): Thank you so much for having me out! I love capturing your family and can't believe there are now FIVE of you!!! Enjoy these images as I'm sure Grayson has already changed so much!

Hope you're sleeping a little bit more!

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE. 


2017 Favorites

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2017 Favorites

What a year! We pushed the limits of light: in-house light, bright light without shade, ice hockey rink light, auditorium and jazz club light with off-camera flash, bouncing light off reflectors, the list goes on and on... We challenged locations too: bedrooms, living rooms, studios, jazz clubs, inside the capitol, in water, in a RIVER. We celebrated new jobs, new babies, new homes, answers to health issues and healthy marriages. 

These sessions represent victories in getting a stubborn child to smile (finally!), a child relaxing on her Mama's shoulder for comfort after a tough day, scheduling snafus, forgetting of camera gear to a session (that was me! ugh), getting off-camera flash to work, getting huge props borrowed and lined up for a session, getting a newborn to lay "just so" for the right shot, working the sunlight so that it was "just right". Challenges answered by victories that made me a better photographer, businesswoman and person. 

I truly have the best clients on earth and I'm so thankful for the year that 2017 was for my business! This one's for you!!

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Melissa + Ryan


Melissa + Ryan

I remember the first family session he joined us. Ryan's job was to help corral Amelia who loved to run at the time and he voluntarily carried my bag for me if we moved spots. The way he worked with Jax and Amelia at that session in 2015 showed me he was a keep and Mel had found a good one. Fast forward to 2016, I was 8 months pregnant with Lochlyn and again, Ryan helped corral kids but their demeanor with him had shifted to one of ease, love and comfortability. I knew some good things were on the horizon for Melissa and thankfully, they became engaged in 2017, planning a New Year's Eve wedding! 

I am beyond grateful for them both welcoming me into their special day, braving the frigid temps for the best shots ever and just how they treat me like family every time I see them. I've watched Jax grow from a 2 year old to a little man now at the ripe old age of 7 and I've photographed Amelia since she was a newborn. What a joy to capture these sweet interactions with them and their Mama on her wedding day. 

Welcome to the family, Ryan! 

I'm so thankful that Mel & Ryan trust me and my second shooter, Sarah, so implicitly. We knew we'd get the best shots outside as the sun was softening in the sky, the only drawback? It was -10, not counting windchill! Quite literally, the coldest day of 2017! Melissa had a fur wrap and blanket, we mapped out what we'd do first, middle and last and made a run for it. We grabbed this in the span of 5 minutes! Just enough time to no longer feel my trigger finger that had gloves on! 

Amelia stole the show during the ceremony! As I've watched her adjust to having Ryan in their lives, it warmed my heart to see her grab both of their hands and clutch them closely as a sort of security blanket. What a perfect picture of them all becoming a complete family!

There were such special moments during their dances that I had to make it a separate "chunk" of this post. After Mel & Ryan had their first dance, they did their parent dances jointly and then brought Amelia and Jaxon onto the dance floor with their additional grandparents. The moments with Amelia and Jaxon dancing together was incredibly sweet and I love the moments we captured between Jax and Melissa. Maybe it's because I have a son now that I know these images will be SO important to his wedding some day....

Melissa & Ryan: I can't describe how special your day was to me. I'm so thankful for playing a part in it and getting to document the incredibly poignant moments between you, Amelia and Jaxon. I know you enjoyed your honeymoon thoroughly-welcome back to the cold Iowa winter!! Hopefully, these images have warmed your hearts even if your toes are chilly! 

Blessings on everything, 


PS You can view their wedding day slideshow HERE. You can view the entire day HERE. 

Vendors of Note: 

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse of Ankeny

Hair: Pure Salon

Cake & Floral: Hy-Vee of Ankeny

Wedding Dress: Stacey's in Urbandale

Shoes: Bagdley Mishka

Catering: The Radish in Grimes, IA

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Stoney Creek Inn, Johnston IA




Summary of CKP 2017

What a year for Carrie Krupke Photography!!! As I look back on the goals I made a year ago and see what we were able to accomplish in the midst of raising two beautiful children, teaching, and working to become a better photographer, I'm stunned. Here's a fun run-down of 2017:

family stats.jpg

I did my best to keep track of all my clients, our shoot locations and details, for all these fun statistics. If I left anyone out, I apologize and please let me know!! I'm so thankful that families from all over the Des Moines Metro area trust me with documenting their families and some traveled from as far as Florida to be in front of my camera. Thank you for traveling all those miles!!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 6.45.01 PM.png
Locations copy.jpg
Senior Stats.jpg

But allow me to back up for a moment. In the very beginning of the year, my album designer, Amy Nave and I created a senior magazine that I can give to all my senior inquiries. It breaks down all the information they need to know for how I run senior sessions and what they can expect. I love the professional approach it grants my business, lessens the number of questions sent through email and gives my clients confidence in the process. Another awesome part of this is that Amy created the pages of this magazine with future updates in mind. So, I can add or amend information as my business practices may change, and update photos from more recent sessions.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.42.14 PM.png

In April and December, I had the pleasure to present information on running a business, photography and work-life-balance at two different Career Days for Norwalk Schools, one to HS, one to 9th graders. A friend also asked me to speak to her journalism students in another school district to talk about photography and social media, specifically, this fall. They asked great questions and I really enjoyed sharing information with them! Side bonus: it got my name out to a lot more potential senior clients!

I gifted a senior session to Norwalk's After Prom raffle, a mini family session to a West Des Moines MOPS group auction and a mini family session to our church's Women's Coffeehouse event. I love giving back to the community, broadening my circle of friends and getting my name out to new folks! 

This season was packed to the brim and I'm so excited to share with you in another post some of my favorites from the year. We've done Behind the Scenes 2017 and this By The Numbers post. Stay tuned for 2017 Favorites!! 

Happiest of New Years!