Libby was a dear friend in college and because we've both stayed in Des Moines, we've been able to stay dear friends! Sometimes guys can be awkward in front of the camera-not Michael. What a great ham to work with! There were some times that I asked them to be serious and it was the hardest part of the day. The point of the shoot was to celebrate Libby and Michael's 4 year wedding anniversary (they married half-way through college).

God has been so good to them in their marriage, brought them through a ton of stuff and this fun hour of taking pictures-I felt like I was photographing a giddy engaged couple. Their love for one another was so apparent-Libby was a completely confident woman smiling at a man who has given her an environment where she can blossom and be totally open and comfortable. The more Libby smiled, the more goofy Michael got, which made Libby laugh all the more-they snowballed into a giggle fest of dancing twirls, dips and kisses. The place Libby chose for the shoot was where they had their first kiss, dance and where Michael paid people $20 to leave so he could propose to Libby. I'll just let the pictures do the talking-it was a pleasure and this definately didn't feel like work you two! Thank you for allowing Gerard and I into your lives. Here's to many years to come!!

2 + 2 = their fourth anniversary!!

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