This is the reason I have yet to post the wedding I shot this weekend! Meet Ella Jane Krupke, our newest family member weighing in at 3lbs here and now is about 4.5. The feisty, stubborn, little German loves whomever she meets whether canine or human and is currently Gerard's Ultimate Frisbee team mascot. I would say she's a hit but nonetheless, is taking time away from other things around the house. Maybe her cute innocent face will help you forgive me from posting the wedding. I'll try to get it up within the next couple days. :)

Ella got to meet her great-grandpa Vernon this past weekend too and she is best friends with our back door neighbor, Beulah the beagle. Rough-housing is their favorite past time and Ella is an energizer bunny. . . er. . . schnauzer.

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