Ms. Kassie-an aquaintance through Baby K's family but never the subject of my camera's eye. . . until early October. Fresh off the school play, getting over a cold and the regular school schedule adjustment after summer, Kassie was ready for her senior portraits. When I found out she was in drama, I said to her, "Oh, then you're totally comfortable in front of a camera." while thinking, "This should be easy!" "Well", she replied,"I'm actually part of the tech crew of the drama department." "Oh" was all I could muster.

I would say two thirds of the way through this shoot, we finally mustered some drama out of Kassie by making her throw her hat in the air. That simple of an action. In a public place. Downtown Des Moines. Success! I later got a note from her big sis (Mom to Baby K) that I, "captured Kassie perfectly! Most of the pics were very much her." Phew!

We started at our home church because its become such an important part of Kassie's life and where she has met lifetime friends.

We then ventured to the Pappajohn Sculpture Park downtown and here's where Kassie got at least a little more comfortable. :)

Kassie showed true defiance here by standing on the "Do not touch" sign and threw her hat in the air!! Victory!

Kassie, not only did we get to explore a totally new place downtown, but we got to know each other a little better too! Thank you so much for tossing that hat and becoming comfortable IN FRONT of the camera. Your willingness to try anything is a photographer's blank canvas with complete freedom. I hope our paths cross again very soon!

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