Like I said in last week's post about gathering all the chicklets to the roost, this Mother Hen had 5 to gather! As I tried to visually remember where each of her boys were sitting, I slowly counted the ties they were wearing. 1-2-3-4-and Dad makes 5! All were wearing ties as Mother Hen had requested. "I'm having a Mom-Moment!" she squealed in delight as we made our way to where we'd photograph her family. All her boys are robust and strong but not strong enough to lift a cement bench, so we tried another place and again, made-do with what God provided. He is good: bless you Evergreen trees!

We got the "serious family photos" out of the way first and then I told them to just let loose. Boy, did they ever!! Several of the boys have been groomsmen and know just what kind of silly antics to commence at this request from the photographer. Pastor Dad even got out an extra tie for his head! *sigh* The pride that Mother Hen must've been feeling at that moment. :) We also had a need for a school portrait for the youngest home-school chicklet so we checked that off Mother's list to do as well.

"Let loose and look out!"

Oh, Faith, what's a girl to do!?

The ladies have to stick together somehow!

Dearest Mother Hen and Pastor Rooster,
From helping us through our marriage counseling and disciple-ing us individually, you and your family have made a huge impact on my husband and me. I've wanted to photograph your B-E-A-U-tiful family for well over a year to the point of distraction in church. (I once found myself color coordinating you all and posing you during a message!) Thank you for providing me with a way of serving you in return and I hope that it meets your need!