I remember hanging out with Cindy several years ago and I always thought Greg would be a natural fit for her but didn't want to put the idea in her head. They're both pharmacists and I figured they'd know the chemical compounds necessary to make a relationship work. :) I caught up with Cindy in 2008 and asked her if Greg was in the picture at all as more than a friend. "He's showing favoritism toward me Carrie, I don't know what to do!" In the back of my mind I'm thinking, "Finally!" They talked through things together and, unfortunately, talked themselves out of it. God, in His ever-wise planning, brought them back together at just the right moment in their lives. As I'm thinking, "Finally!"

Cindy & Greg are essentially two peas in a pod, or I should say, two carbons in a compound. This couple has a very special place in my heart-they're on the same timeline that Gerard and I were (engaged mid-January and wedding early July) so I can feel Cindy's nerves as she plans things, trying to avoid the "rush-order" etc. Watching Cindy grow and continue on the path God placed her has been an encouragement and example of faith that things will work out. That God has the planning already figured. Cindy & Greg have been smothered by prayer for several years now by many in our church. And God, in His ever-wise planning, has it covered.

We saw the apple ornaments on one of the Garden's trees and, because it matched Cindy's hair, we had to re-enact Adam & Eve. I'm sure the First Couple looked just like this:

You have to get the bride by herself for at least a few shots...
I've seen other professionals photograph the couple in the middle of the street and I thought Valley Junction was safe enough to do so. Greg laughingly joked that I'd be the first to know if it wasn't because I'm on the "car approach" end of the One Way street.

I told him lovingly, that I'd take one for the team so they could live to see their wedding day.

I told Greg to twirl Cindy and she just let loose!

At the very beginning of our shoot, I told Greg, "Ok dude, we got to learn you some poses..." Here at the end of our shoot, I think Greg now knows how to do the Dip.

Cindy & Greg: from Christmas gingerbread house making to furniture garage sale-ing, watching the two of you as individuals has been a joy and now seeing you together warms my heart even more. I'm honored I got to be a small part of the process! Finally: CONGRATULATIONS! All my love, Carrie