I'm a lot like my dog Ella in many ways. No matter how many times you let her kiss your face or spend time cuddling she still wants more. No matter how many kisses Gerard gives or time he spends cuddling, I still want more. Ella needs face-to-face time. I need face-to-face time. She's ornery and curious and gets into stuff she probably shouldn't. Me? Likewise. Sometimes. Ella helps with the dishes by licking them as I put them in the dishwasher, tugs on socks while I fold laundry in her efforts to fill Daddy's drawers. She comforts when you need, licks the tears away while they fall, makes you laugh when you've had a long day just by sitting and looking at you. Here is how she's morphed into our adorable one year old schnauzer:

Her first playdate with our next door dog @ 10 weeks:
(Her first day home with us May 30, 2009)
She can now stretch to the door handle, but look how short she started out!

This is our 2nd anniversary picture and Christmas Card for 2009. 
Taken by Nick Nielsen June of 2009.
   (Notice new collar-the girl's got a linebacker's neck!) This was in December 2009:
Gerard may have grown up with a husky, Tasha, who was always outdoors, 
but Ella has definitely converted him to a lover of cuddly dogs.
She's absolutely a Daddy's Girl.
Our cuddle-bug gettin' some face-to-face time...such the lady!