Flexibility. Definition?
a. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable.
b. Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage. 
c. Susceptible to influence or persuasion; tractable.
d. Responsive to change; adaptable.
Jen & Adam definitely had to be pliable and adaptable. Responsive to change throughout the last few days of the engagement. Engaged for 3 years and 3 months, their ceremony location went through 3 different options because of weather and subsequent flooding in the downtown Des Moines area. But they took it in stride-we even took some pictures with floaties on as a joke while they gazed upon what was their original ceremony site.
I was in awe of just how "flex" these two were and I knew the day would go swimmingly, just like their original site went swimming too!
Jen & Adam had the hook ups to some sweet rides for not just their get-away car, but for the entire bridal party as well. Dan and I had a ball posing them with this selection:
Just hours before their First Look, this little walk way was underwater as well, but God was good and let us get great images!
We briefly escaped into an airconditioned building as it was pressing 95degrees plus humidity.
We then gathered the bridal party for some fun and flexible shots:
We found some straight shade in the cover of the Civic Center for family portraits and I actually ended up loving how they turned out because of the texture of the building behind them:
And the ring bearer was definitely a ham with the flower girl. What entertainment!
Getting ready before the Walk:
I loved the image of mother AND father giving the bride away. Helping their children never stops-even as they're in the process of handing her over to another. . .
Again, the ring bearer and flower girl were quite entertaining!
Having a ceremony outside is SO much easier on the photographer for good lighting-even if it was 95ish degrees! I'm just glad that none of the bridal party fainted! They were just as flexible as Jennifer and Adam.
I think this is where it hit Jen that after waiting 3 years, it was finally, finally, happening...
What happens when it's hot out? We swell. What appendage do we wish wouldn't swell? A certain left ring finger that made Adam's job a little bit more difficult, but they, again, took it in stride.
And finally, finally, we have Mr. & Mrs. taking a dip to cool off before their grand exit to the reception. PS, you can see their sweet ride in the background!
Here are a few other details to enjoy: (click to enlarge!)
Jen & Adam: you both showed such grace during all your planning through the last week of your engagement. That flexibility will carry you through many of the hurdles that you might encounter in marriage. It was a privilege to photograph such an important day for you two and I wish you nothing but the best!
Much love and God's blessings,