Our families collided this past May when Chase's mom competed in a body building competition held in Des Moines. Yes, I said body building. And now Chase is following suit come this spring! When I asked him why he chose body building, he shrugged and we discussed the discipline it takes, the fortitude to eat nothing but chicken and asparagus for weeks on end and down protein shakes as if you were a starved man. Not to mention the iron he'd be pumping.

He's entering his senior year, hopefully approaching it with the same discipline and fortitude (because college admissions love those words in application essays) and his family was willing to make the drive from Omaha for his senior pictures. Can I say I'm officially a midwestern photographer now? :) Thanks for making the drive guys! I really appreciate it!

My second session in manual mode complete, here's what we got!
I love the light in this alley in Valley Junction. Now I know what other photographers mean when they say "yummy light". It worked great!

We almost didn't use this part of Valley Junction, but it was uncanny how the gate's pattern matched his shirt. . . 
Shooting backlit? Let's try it:

Chase, Kris, Jeff and Jakey: It's was wonderful having you stay with us in May and entering the world of body building competitions! Gerard and I have truly enjoyed interacting with your beautiful family and hopefully, both of Chase and Kris do well in your competitions this spring. You always have a place to stay with us.
--Carrie (& Gerard)

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