I first met Kellee over an Italian lunch where we chatted about dreams and ideas for the future. Two years later, the dream had passed and God was showing us how to part ways according to His plan.  Kellee and her husband, Kevin, have since opened their own piano studio and God is clearly blessing them. Though I dearly miss working with Kellee on a weekly basis, knowing that God is with us both in how He has directed our steps is incredibly comforting. We'd been trying to get together over lunch since May, but our schedules didn't jive until the beginning of November. Talk about advanced planning! But, it worked out beautifully and we had outstanding weather to boot!

What a great looking bunch!
It was my first shoot at this location, but I love how Kellee and family trusted me and let me try new things. The main goal of today was to get school portraits of the kids, but we wanted an excuse to spend more time together, so we just took more pictures:)
I wanted to spend a lot of the shoot with just Kevin & Kellee. They are such a Godly couple with a fierce devotion to one another and their children. I think these images capture that.
I also needed to get some individual shots of Kevin & Kellee. Wouldn't you like your teachers to look this friendly?
Kevin & Kellee, I've said this before, but you have a gorgeous family. You are continually a great example to Gerard & I and I hope that these past 2 years are only the beginning of times for our families to collide!