These cuties have grown since I last photographed them on a dreary, rainy day last year. It was still chilly (what November in Iowa isn't?) but Eden and Brielle were such troopers for a solid 30 minutes-Mom and Dad have trained them well to look at the camera and smile so my job was exponentially easier!

These girls inherited some mighty fine blue eyes from their gorgeous Mom-Kearstin. Eden and Bri are so comfortable in front of the camera, they got right up in front of me for close ups of those beautiful blues. :)

I had to get detail shots of their shoes-girl clothes are totally cuter in my opinion and I had to give Kear and Dave a reminder of just how small their little ones were at one point in their lives.
To stay warm, I let the girls run; we were able to get more natural smiles that way than posing them would have necessarily gotten.
But there did come a point where we had to bribe Bri with a lollipop-I think it made for a cute prop!
Eden & Bri's Dad runs our church's Upwards Sports League. It's a good thing Eden can run, she'll fit right in with Dave's job!
Eden also loved splashing in a mini-puddle. To me, her smile has this mischievous element to it that says, "I know I just got away with something I normally wouldn't solely for a good photo."

Kear & Dave-Thank you so much for allowing me a second opportunity to photograph your gorgeous girls! They are beautiful, spunky and fun Little Ones that I truly enjoy watching grow up. I hope our friendship only continues in the years to come and again, thank you for trusting me with capturing memories of them at this age!

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