Our first Christmas married, Gerard and I thankfully agreed on one thing: we liked white Christmas lights. Phew! That one was easy. The next great debate was fake or real-for our Christmas tree. I'd been raised on real, he'd been raised on mostly fake. We compromised. And bought a real tree. (Not really a compromise, I know...) ;)

The next Christmas, we bought a real tree again and when we were gone in California to see my folks, a friend graciously agreed to water it, preventing a fire hazard.

We finally took the plunge this year and got fake. Why you ask?? After the tradition had been proven of trudging through the snow and chopping down our own, we realized that it was
A. a fire hazard
B. a water gulp-er
C. a time crunch to go 60 minutes to the tree farm round trip and would take most of an afternoon which we didn't currently foresee in our schedule.
D.  more mess to clean up after Christmas

The only questions? Could a fake hold our heavier ornaments? Would Ella paw at it? What store would we find it?

Answers: Target. And so far, Ella's doing just fine!

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