In honor of my dear friends who just recently relocated to become New England-ers, and because I haven't posted these two sessions yet, Internet: meet Michael, Libby and their little Italian ragazza, Naomi.
God bumped me into Libby our sophomore year of college as the girl who tested into the second level of music theory. Something totally unheard of at Drake. Daaaaang, this girl must be smart, was my first thought. My second thought was I wonder if we'd hit it off enough for her to be my study partner? Thankfully, we did and she was. We would meet with a third friend, Kim, in the basement's organ practice room on a 30 year old futon and discuss more than just music theory (thankfully!) We'd munch our lunches over venting sessions, tears of frustration, outbursts of excitement and laughs of congratulations-especially when Libby had completed her senior recital in which both Kim and I were honored to participate.

Long story shortened, Libby married Michael the summer between sophomore and junior years. I took their seasoned 4 year anniversary photos here, and about a year and a half later, Michael is done with seminary, searching for a job and here comes Naomi!

Libby was brave enough to let me try a maternity session with her. Thanks dearie!
Libby was one of the most well-versed Moms-to-be I've ever met. She took those incredible study skills and applied them generously here. She definitely did her homework!
Now, fast forward a few months and here she is!
She is so facially expressive don't you think!? She'll have great stage presence just like her Mama, she's already practicing her "swoon" pose here:
I love the ruffles that girls get to wear!

And we have to finish with the family's favorite shot of their little Miss.:

It was a few weeks after this session took place that Michael and Libby got the word they'd be moving to Massachusetts for Michael to obtain a youth pastor position at a wonderful church full of servant's hearts. I dearly miss my sweet college friend, but I'm resting in the fact that they are clearly following the Lord's will for their lives.

Libby & Michael-it's been a wonderful adventure. I do hope that the Lord brings you back to Iowa some day, but I'm definitely praising him for the invention of the telephone right about now! I know you will be well taken care of and adjust well-my only request is to not develop a Boston accent. Please. ;) Keep in touch!
Many blessings,

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