It's incredible to me how God moves and weaves. Jessica Taylor was a curly blonde who went to school with a boy named Gerard. Jessica even went to the same college as Gerard but only for a year. Deciding to transfer, she chose Iowa State instead. Insert Tim into the story. Girl meets boy. Boy pursues girl. Boy proposes to girl and Jessica marries into a family who are members of a Great Commission Church. Gerard, meanwhile, graduates from college and nails a job just south of Des Moines when one of his friends recommends a Great Commission Church to him as well. Boy meets ME. Boy pursues me and proposes to me. Gerard also marries sort of "into" a Great Commission family. So, to summarize: two Quad City residents go to different colleges, marry people from other sides of the country (in some instances) and still land in the same association of churches. It's incredible to me how God moves and weaves.

I digress. Back to Jessica.

After said wedding, the fairy tale ending insues with the birth of adorable girls and a boy on the way!

London: doesn't she look spring-loaded and rearin' to go?!

Boy on the way

This one may just be my favorite:

This might be as thoughtful and as pensive as London can get at this age in her life!

I am forever convinced that sisters have a different bond than any other relationship on Earth.
I love seeing how my families use their photos and this is Tim & Jessica's Christmas card photo that I just got in the mail!
Tim & Jess: thank you so much for making the enormous feat of traveling to me with little ones for this session. I hope it wasn't too stressful on you and that the end result made the trip worth while. I'm so glad that you are within driving distance because Gerard & I still need to schedule a date night for the four of us! Best of God's blessings on your delivery of Baby Boy and I know God will continue to cross our paths in the future.

Much love,