I know, I said I'd post my 2011 goals a long time ago, but I didn't want to post them all without having accomplished a few. So, now I can and it arrived yesterday in Shutterfly's famous bright orange box:
After agonizing over layouts, word choice and picture options, she's here! This sleek and shiny album made my day and is ready for any client interested in viewing my work. I feel just slightly more professional and a tad more organized having all my 2010 sessions in one easy-to-view place. Another good part? It was 50% off during one of Shutterfly's deals. Score! Here are some layouts to oogle over:
If you'd like to view the entire album click HERE.
The rest of my 2011 goals? Here are some I can share: (updated 7.29.11)
1. Increase photography income by 25%.
2. Solidify knowledge on umbrella lighting for wedding family portraits (thank you Austin for the tutorial!) and remote lighting for receptions.
3. Invest in a 90mm macro lens
4. Have CD covers professionally printed.(No longer use CDs-all my clients are directed HERE to download or purchase their images)
5. Print sample album
6. Go garage sale-ing 4 times whether I buy anything or not.
              living room chairs--Craig's List,
              an auction!
7. Go to a Farmer's Market 3 times this summer.
8. Attend 4 concerts that are above the high school level. 
9. Read 10 books off my Classics List
10. Photograph Camden Olivia (you can view her 6 month portraits from my spring break trip-I love being an Auntie!)
11. Grow piano studio to 10-12 students.
12. Improve wedding day photographer wardrobe.
13. Photograph sessions in 3 new places/locations
              NHS Prom,
              Nicole & Luke,
              Melissa & Kevin & more!!
14. Pitch Perfect stationary cards for Thankyous professionally printed.
15. Save $500 this year through coupon cutting or shopping during sales for only necessary items.
16. Plant things in our garden that Gerard will actually eat! (potatoes, peas, tomatoes, and green peppers!)
17. Photograph 5 new families through referrals.
              Melissa & Kevin;
              Amy & Trey;
              Ann & Jason;
              Lindsay & Clint;
              Stacy & Chris
18. Advertising? Facebook Fan page?
19. Commit a new verse of scripture to memory every month.
20. EXERCISE to tone muscle.
22. Improve my posture.
23. Landscape side yard.