Yes, you read correctly. Valentine's Day 2021. Instead of making dinner to eat off of our wedding china, Gerard had been given a gift card for a steakhouse from his show choir students. While digging into our filets and stuffed shrimp, Gerard asked what I envisioned Valentine's Day of 2021 to look like. 10. Years. From. Now. I'm sure my face turned blanch white and my eyes probably bugged out of my head as I thought, Shoot, just get me through the next 3 weeks, Lord! or What are my plans for this summer? As in, summer of 2011. 

I'm so glad my husband can get his head out of the ground and look forward. Can you picture it? Two ostriches eating out of a hole in the ground. One looks up and sees a beautiful sunset taking shape and gently taps the other with his wing and says, "Hey! You might want to see this...!..." Meanwhile, I'm still munching my filet in the dirt. . .missing out on God's goodness.

So, over my broccoli and his baked potato, we talked about what we wanted life to look like. 10. Years. From. Now.  Wild and crazy dreams. And I realized that I had never been asked to dream. I knew I certainly had my fair share of nightmares, and worse-case-scenarios, but not really any dreams. You might say that my dream was to avoid my nightmares...But, if I had a dream, it'd be really simple. And yet, so difficult to achieve, working from the ground up and building as God provides.

Anyway, instead of eating dust and dirt off the ground like our proverbial ostriches, Gerard crafted not one, but TWO chocolate! meringue! pies! as my gift for Valentine's Day. He's starting to get the meringue down, just a few more whippy dippies...and they'll look like they're from the bakery. :)
But either way, current 2011 or 2021, life will be chocolate-meringue-sweet with my Lord and my husband by my side.