Valentine's Day is interesting when married. As a single gal, I thought it'd entail lots of roses, breakfast in bed . . . needless to say, I had high expectations. Now, it's not that Gerard failed or dissappointed, he just had a different way of going about things and I was totally unrealistic. Valentine's Day is most likely going to entail homemade dinner on our wedding china by candlelight. And for dessert? Chocolate meringue pie and maybe a few of these: :) YUM!

Now, one must not forget the third member of our household. Today, Ella is getting the spa treatment-a full haircut, nail trim, heartworm test and wait for it..... a fecal exam. Yes, we Krupkes know how to treat a girl right. :) I thought I'd show a before and after of Ella to prove that this wasn't a luxury for her, but a necessity!
I dropped her off at the vet this morning and they didn't even recognize her as a schnauzer!! Her "skirt" or "feathers" matched the length of the rest of her, apparently making her look like a terrier. They also didn't know her ears were clipped until they "got in there". Guess she needs a haircut more often than every 6 months to look presentable...Don't know if Ella was ashamed of her looks last night or merely wanted to cuddle with our couch pillows, but this is what we found around 8:30pm yesterday...We'd stacked the pillows and she decided to burrow under the pile! she is!
Complete with bandana.
I think I have a husband in need of assistance in the kitchen...
Happy Valentine's Day.

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