Nope, Katie doesn't call her our lil' Punkin. It's Pup-kin. Why? Well, when you're my sister (an utter lover of all things DOG....) it's Pup-kin. To me, she's Munch-kin, Sweetie Pie, Sweet Pea and Sweetie Pea (a hybrid...) No matter what we call her, she's our gorgeous red head who abounds in smiles. And she graced me with many of them for the camera:
For her 6 month photo shoot, our mom shipped several of Katie's baby dresses for Camden to wear. The one above (and below) has Katie's name embroidered on the front, so don't be confused.

While I was in Arizona, my job wasn't just to take care of Camden and the pups, but to scrapbook as much as humanly possible to help Katie document Camden's life thus far and beyond. Since it was St. Patrick's Day while I was there, the girl HAD to wear green (above is her own dress, below is one of Katie's)
Not to be outdone by the Leprachauns, we also had to cover St. Valentine:
Every month, Katie puts Camden with her massive stuffed pig as a measuring tool. Here is 5 months Camden:
Now, for the care of the pups-Katie did a fantastic job working them and training them.
Nixon is a 2 1/2 year old boy and Laika is her 1 1/2 year old girl.
While Katie trained, I pushed the stroller with our precious cargo.
Camden loves to sleep in the warmth of the sun, Nixon and Laika smile and sun bathe as well...

On my second to last day with the family, we dragged Katie's feet and got her to pose with Camden as well. I loved her natural lighting in her town home, especially the modern shutters that were just the look I wanted.

The replacements for my job (Eric's parents, aka Grandma and Grandpa) arrived Sunday afternoon and drove me to the airport Monday evening. It was then that I realized, of all the photos I took on this trip, NONE were with me and Katie! Ugh. I guess we'll just have to get together again...;)

You can check out all the adorable baby smiles at under the Camden 6mos folder. Enjoy!

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