Let craziness of May commence! I photographed Rachel and Vance's wedding last year and I had the privilege of photographing their new little one, Eve, a few days ago. It's so fun to watch the metamorphosis of a family from their engagement photos, wedding, to full fledged family photos. Eve is the perfect addition to Rachel and Vance, and I'm so glad I got to photograph this part of their lives.

Some babies have an uncanny ability to go cross-eyed from what I hear, but I've never actually witnessed it. Until now. Here, Eve is in a dress that Grandma VanRaden made for her.
It's hard to picture Vance in the Army in cammies and weighted down with ammo when he's got his precious 4-week old daughter in his arms. I'm sure when she gets to the dating scene, he'll bring out the guns. Just to polish them of course.

While it took some doing, Rachel rocked Eve into a cat nap, swaddled up burrito-style.
As Eve awoke from her dozing, Rachel comforted and did her Mama 'thang. This is probably my favorite shot of the whole session.

Rachel & Vance-thank you so much for letting me see a peek into your lives now as you've grown into a family of three. It also gives us a perfect excuse to hang out. Wish you nothing but the best on this new adventure!

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