Through some scheduling twists and turns, I made my way around the turns of Grey's Lake searching for Mr. Jaxon. It was pretty easy to find him with his parents, Melissa & Kevin, because he had his little sister, Ava, with him. I'd never met any of the members of this family, but I knew what Ava would look like-she's an adorable mini-schnauzer much like my own Ella. It didn't hurt that Melissa had sent me a Christmas family portrait so I knew who to look for too. :)

Jaxon is most definitely a mover and a shaker! He was the best challenge I could have right now with where I am in my photography-he made me hustle and improvise to get the images I knew Melissa and Kevin would enjoy. That's the part I LOVE about what I do: getting candid images, capturing peoples' true personalities as they interact with their loved ones.
So first, we start with Ava: gotta love those ears!
Kevin & Melissa:
And the Little Man of the Hour:
And there he goes!

Down at Grey's Lake, they have different boats for rentals and it just so happened that the blue on the sail boats perfectly matched the blue on his shirt.
Yup, he's a mover and a shaker!
This is a great family shot to me. Ava looking at her Daddy and Jaxon looking at his Mommy.
Handsome isn't he?
Melissa & Kevin-thank you so much for trusting me, a complete stranger, with Jaxon's 2 Year photos. I pray that these photos help commemorate this moment in your lives. I also hope that I see you on the other side of the Terrible Two's when Jaxon turns Three! Happy Birthday Jaxon!

You can view their entire session HERE.