Third time's a charm? I don't know, but this session was the third time I've photographed Sean, Miriam and their rambunctious boys: Thomas & Joseph. We've gone to three different places and each time, Miriam's creativity thinks of props for the boys. Our FIRST YEAR, we used their rain coats, because well, it was spitting rain at us off and on the whole time. Our SECOND YEAR, we used beach toys because well, we were at Des Moines' version of a beach. And now, our third year, we used scooters because well, we were along a bike trail.

Sean and Miriam had their usual antics which makes it so fun to photograph their love for each other.
Miriam knows that when she schedules the family photo shoot that she will get at least one kiss outta Sean. [enter collective "awwww" here]
Oh Joe, you steal my heart each time:
And oh, Thomas, I can always count on you to do what I ask. Thank you!
Just like my family's photographer did for my sister and I, I usually let these boys pick a pose and this is what Thomas thought of.
The puddles from all our recent rains offered some outstanding reflection shots:
Miriam's prop basket held a baseball game:
Sean & Miriam, Thank you so much for continuing to come back! That trust in my abilities means so much and is the largest compliment I can have from your precious family.

P.S. You can see their entire session: HERE