I pulled a U-turn to grab an umbrella at the Doller General I had just passed. Because of the weather we'd been having, they were right next to the door. $5 later, I raced back out to my car and sadly, had to turn the windshield wipers on. You can rain now, but not 30 minutes from now. Puuuulllease!  I kept thinking as I made my way to Marion County's seat: Winterset, and the home of wonderful covered bridges. (Not to mention, John Wayne's birthplace for you history buffs...)

I arrived at her hotel room and Nicole was a flurry of activity: curls primped, eyelashes painted, jewelry in place. All she needed was her dress:
Mom helped her get into that gorgeous gown-
While sister, Dani, helped keep things light and fun-

It largely depends on the couple, but every wedding I've done, save one, has had a First Look and the couples have always had a positive experience seeing each other before the ceremony. Nicole & Luke were no different. I could see the anxiety over the rainy weather (and the day in general) fade as they calmly interacted with one another, totally relaxed and ready to start their lives together. Plus, who can't deny that this reaction from the groom is the best thing ever for his bride?
The park's covered bridge provided awesome-dare I say it?-perfect, lighting.
While Justin was photographing their faces, I noticed Nicole's comforting way of calming Luke-gently caressing his hands...the nurse in her was coming out in a very subtle way.
Shhhh...if you won't tell, I won't tell:
Nicole's bouquet was absolutely lovely:
I love the emotion between sisters on a wedding day. :)
These cuties were part of the wedding party-are they not just adorable?! I especially appreciate the tie sneaking out from the bottom of the jacket...;)
The rain held off just long enough for their ceremony and only sprinkled slightly during the reception while everyone was under the shelter. God's timing is perfect!
Everyone in the congregation had the privilege of seeing the couple's first kiss. Ever. Talk about nerve-wracking! Nicole & Luke were graceful under pressure and after recessing, they practiced a little bit more before entering their reception.

I think you might be able to guess what happened in this sequence of cutting the cake...I wonder how many brides have this happen to them-I know I'm one of them too!
A few more details:

Luke & Nicole: May God rain His blessings down on your marriage and new life together. Nicole, I hope you transition smoothly to your new farming town in cute little Firth, NE. It was a pure joy to capture your day on digital and help you remember special moments through images such as these. You two are gorgeous and beautiful in His sight and our's.
All the best,
PS. You can view the rest of their day's images HERE.