His little toes curled perfectly for my youngest infant session at the time. His long and lanky body didn't quite want to curl back into the fetal position. Zach had some freedom after 40 weeks of gestation and he wanted to stretch out! With both his parents reaching 6 feet tall or taller, Zach is bound to always want to stretch out. I photographed his beautiful family at 6 months too, but this time, his 1 year photos would just be him.
For those of you wondering, no, we were not on an actual train track. There is a train car on a playground by my local library instead. :)
Zach's stylish Mama had a three piece suit for him for a slew of weddings they'd been invited to. We couldn't let it go to waste!
I also couldn't let this one go to waste...
What a handsome little man!
Erin & Carl-thank you for letting me spend some time with your Little One! He's super fun and super easy to photograph. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to watching him grow (and grow...and grow...!)
PS You can view the rest of our session HERE.