She grows wonderfully sweet strawberries and lavishly shares them with us everytime we have a game night with a small bowl of sugar to dip them in. I am garunteed those strawberries in summertime and a perfectly-timed, quick-witted comment snuck somewhere in between "hello" and "good night" year round. 

Gerard first met Clint through playing ultimate frisbee several summers ago and Lindsay was the quieter wife that I always heard about but rarely saw. As our families got to know each other better with the help of a third couple in our Game Night Troupe, Simon arrived and increased the fun factor (as if that was even possible). I'll admit, I've secretly wanted to photograph this family from at least the second Game Night we had together. If not the first. So, when Lindsay sent me a message about doing family photos, I'll also admit, secretly, that I did a happy dance while calmly responding to her to talk scheduling.

Without further adieu, here's Simon.

I tell 'ya, this kiddo will be a future soccer star! He's got kicking abilities that match...well, I don't know who they match because I don't know anything about soccer, but he's incredible for an almost 2 year old!
Our Game Night Troupe also participates in our school district's PTO Trivia Night. The team regularly consists of AP U.S. & AP Euro History teachers, Clint has the math covered and Lindsay will chime in on the questions that no one else has a clue. Simon is destined for intelligence (as evidenced by his vast communication skills & far reaching vocabulary)! As is often the case, the kiddo in the photo session dictates how the session will run, where we will go and what we will do to get the shots that we want. "You want slides, Simon?" "You want bubbles, Simon?"

Great! Let's play with bubbles:
"Should we play by the water, Simon?"
Ok, let's!!
My favorite shot of the session: I love it when Mamas look proud and protective of their family.
Clint & Lindsay, I'm so glad we've been able to get to know each other better whether there's a camera in the room or not. You two have taught Gerard and I a lot about parenting and marriage, maybe without you even noticing...Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your BEAUTIFUL family. Hopefully, we can do it again!
PS You can view the rest of our session together HERE.