He's named Tuck because he would always tuck himself away from the camera during our ultrasounds, Molly informed me as she introduced me to their almost 4 week old son. I had photographed her firstborn, spunky, Will, about 2 years ago and Molly's husband, Tim, was stationed elsewhere. So, for this session, I not only met Tucker, but I had the honor of meeting Molly's other half as well. Tim is finally assigned to a position in Des Moines and they are a full family of four, finally living under the same roof.

Molly had the beautiful idea of walking to an area right near their home-it worked out wonderfully and I loved being able to photograph a new location.
Looking at Will's eyes, I was mesmorized and jealous of his lengthy, thick eyelashes. I guess the boys get the eyelashes because the ladies can always use mascara. ;)
On our way to the barn, Molly described their brief engagement due to Tim's assignment at a faraway station. 3 months to plan a wedding, Tim arrived roughly 2 days before the ceremony, so that didn't allow much time for engagement photos. Therefore, I was not about to take family photos and not get some of these two lovebirds.
Tuck had been so patient, it was finally his turn.
I loved this new location and couldn't resist taking a few of the area. It's the ultimate Iowa: high arched barn roofs, quilt squares, gorgeous sunset lighting, rich green grasses and steamy hot weather. Too bad my photos can't capture the humidity in the air...
Tim & Molly-thank you so much for having me again! I really appreciate the new location, your trust in my abilities and your encouragement in my endeavors as we visited during our session. Many blessings on your endeavors this year!
PS You can view the rest of our session's photos HERE.