Nolan is barely recognizable from his newborn photos as he approaches in his mama's arms down the street. Nolan's Dad is barely recognizable as he walks with blankets and accessories practically covering his face for our photo shoot! Ann & Jason graced me with their family of 3 for the second time this year and I am so thankful for the opportunity to photograph them and their little redhaired addition. Ever since Camden came into my family's world, I have this thing for redheads. They are definitely in a class of their own!

As long as he had his parents' full attention, Nolan was generally a happy little man in overalls:)
Ann & Jason: Thank you so much for giving me new shoot locations and I can't wait for the first snowfall (gasp!) and our Christmas tree lot sesssion!!  Many blessings on you as you start your school year as an official "working" mom, which is probably the most redundant title ever, but you get the gist of it. See you in the snow!
PS. As always, you can view the rest of our session HERE.

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