In some light, he resembles his mama, in other light, his dad. And then there are his sisters. He even somewhat looks like them too, if you catch him at a certain angle. I almost didn't pick up my phone when his mama, Stacy, called because my cell phone has been bombarded with political survey phone calls and I didn't recognize her number. Something made me pick up my phone though, and I'm so glad I did! Little Soren's sisters were in town for the weekend and logistics were just right for a photo shoot. A slight sprinkle of rain wasn't going to stop us and Soren was a very content 3 month old.
Stacy brought some great accessories-a lovely blanket that lent itself to a few vintage edits:
And some homemade hats for this fall & winter:
Generally, I do this next shot with the parents' hands, but Stacy so wanted to highlight Soren's sisters, that I thought we'd do this with them instead.
Stacy & Chris-I'm so glad you called and that I got you instead of a political ad/survey.  I'm especially thankful that logistics worked out so well and Soren AND the weather cooperated! What a lovely day we had with such great girls and a beautiful family. Thank you so much for having me!
PS You can view more of our session together HERE.