Several years ago, before I ever owned an SLR camera, I entered what I thought was a gorgeous photo of a sunset into a contest to be the cover of our county's phone book. Needless to say, I lost. When the new phone book for the year came out, I was mortified to see what photo had won. I'd been beaten by a close-up of a squirrel eating a nut. Grand. Life went on and I got better at capturing sunsets.

Apparently, I've also gotten better at capturing Little Ones. That, or I've just got the cutest nephew in all of New Mexico. I shared some photos of when little Caden made the trek out to Iowa for his baptism and Mimi's emergency surgery. What I didn't share is that Mimi entered one of those photos in a 'Mommy & Me' photo contest in Silver City, NM where Mimi and her husband, Adam, live.

We won! Or at least it feels like we did because Caden got 2nd place. :) You can hop over to Mimi's blog to read all the details, but this is the shot that she entered:
I guess it really pays off to have a South Korean in our family. :) Mimi & Adam make cute kiddos!

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