1921. Women had just gained the right to vote. Alcohol was back in style and legal. Flapper dresses' hem lines were inching ever higher. And the world was rocked by the arrival of Florence Mardette Mae Prosser.  Enlisting as an Army Air Corps nurse, she met, fell in love with, and married my Grandpa, Alfred Joseph John Webeler in a matter of 6 weeks and held his hand for 65 years. Grandma Mardette was told that she couldn't have children, but she defiantly had 3 girls. Who, in turn, had 2 girls each of their own.
Now, Grandma has 3 great-granddaughters to add to her legacy and her baseball team of girls was shy just 3 granddaughters when the family gathered to celebrate her 90th birthday at my parents' house. Our family is blessed to have two photographers in our midst and Whitney was "on deck" as photojournalist for the evening that Grandma had been planning with her daughters for months-one detail at a time.
Grandma and her girls celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's 60th anniversary in 2004.

Gerard & I sang Happy Birthday to the Woman of The Hour via Skype that night. I am eternally indebted to the inventors of the telephone, computer and Skype for combining the technology to make that moment possible. It's moments like these that I feel the weight of the amount of love I have for my family and hate the 1800 miles between us. Here's Katie with her laptop and me! *sigh* proof that I was there! Thanks Whit!
You can hop over to Whitney's blog for a a broader feel for the party and see 4 generations in one place. She did a fantastic job!