Faith. Generally, a word referring to someone's belief in something. However, in this instance, it refers to a most unique young lady with whom I have the pleasure of working. (How's that for proper grammer!?)

Faith started out as a piano student of mine at least 4 years ago and has now morphed into a photography student! I've been taking photos, as a business, for 4 years now and she only mentioned her love of photography mmmm...maybe, 2 months ago? Why we didn't get on this bandwagon sooner, I'll never know. But, without further adieu, meet Faith:

Doesn't she just look like an interesting person that you want to get to know better? me too! Here are some facts on Ms. Faith:

1. How long have you been taking photos? I don't know 3 to 2 years?
2. What do you LOVE taking pictures of? I love to take pictures of my friends and family so mostly I love taking pictures of people!
3. Favorite color: BLUE! :):)
4. Favorite personal attribute: I consider myself very friendly maybe?
5. Most often movie quote that you quote: "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do."~Peter from Peter Pan
6. Favorite food to eat at 9pm: I love eating hash browns,sausage, and scrambled eggs all mixed together! yum! :):)
7. Best recipe that you have conquered: I have become a master at baking my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies!
8. Something querky, odd, or unique about you and your family: We go to Colorado every summer and climb a 14,000ft mountain and the goal is that we climb the top ten 14,000ft mountains in Colorado and I am deathly afraid of slivers/splinters.

Faith and I will be meeting as often as we can to learn the in's and out's of how to work a camera, and using some CreativeLive online courses that I've watched from the uber-fabulous Jasmine Star. I'm really excited to watch those courses again and teach something I love because that means I learn it even more in-depth myself. AND Faith will be coming along with me on some of my photo sessions this fall, as a student teacher, if you will. I've already worked with her on an interesting occassion for the both of us last weekend and I'm so excited to keep the momentum going. (I'll post photos from that occassion in my next post!)

Feel free to give Faith a "Welcome" shout out here or on Facebook!

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