I can't take credit for the title of this post. Her parents just happen to have one of the most awesomely-appropriate-for-this-situation last names ever. Cari & Tony are very dear to my heart but unfortunately they aren't incredibly near to me in location. I made the drive to their quaint home this past weekend and met their new addition and, as if that wasn't a bonus enough, got to hang out with Cari's parents and family whenever Miss Myka needed a break from her modeling debut. And goodness gracious, did she "work it" as a model!
I love Cari's sense of style and had to use her living room chairs for Little Miss.
We did these photos at three weeks and she wasn't in the mood to curl up. Apparently, Myka has grown to be quite lanky since her arrival and she wanted to show off her legs to me instead.
Though she's only 3 weeks, Cari & Tony look like pros in how they handle Myka's needs. When your dad is a youth pastor, you know he'll be a hands on father, and Cari talks to her as if she's an old, well-known friend.

You can tell that Tony loves being a Dad. But especially a Dad to a Widdel girl. I can't wait to see this Father-Daughter relationship grow over the coming years.
Myka needed a break after the above photo was taken, so I suggested a position to lay her. Knowing Tony was a football buff, I told him to tuck her like a football and cup her head. She loved it! Within seconds, she was out, relaxed and poised her hands like a little dancer. Nothing but adorable-ness.
Cari & Tony have a piece of art on their living room wall that lists the Beatitudes. Instead of 'blessed are those...' it says 'happy are those...'. We're thinking one of these shots will be their birth announcement!
Cari & Tony: thank you so much for being so wonderful! It's hard to believe that she's here and so lovely. I know God will richly bless your family and you will consider yourselves 'happy' as you discover your new roles of Mom & Dad.

You can view the rest of our session HERE.