It was that time of her pregnancy where it wasn't quite safe to ask, "Hey, Elaine, are you pregnant again?" But my radar could tell something was up. I work with Elaine's husband and Nick hadn't said anything yet, but Elaine clearly looked different. Finally, after their first ultrasound, Nick let the good news fly that, yes, in fact, there would be another mini-Menke running around, "Around ValleyFest time." Because that's Nick. Comparing big life events to the marching band calender. While his Dad's high schoolers were prepping for a competition, little Brecker was brought into the world via C-section, not running, nor marching, but definitely a healthy, as they say, "bouncing", baby boy.
Giving Elaine some time to heal, we took these as Brecker turned 3 weeks. A gentleman at the park where we went later on our shoot said it well, "He's a fresh one." and can go from this:
to this in a matter of seconds:
The Menke Men:
Mama's touch:

It was also time for Carson's 4-year-old photos. Elaine showed me how they plan to display Carson's 2 year and 3 year photos. I couldn't believe how fast time has flown as she showed me this collages they had framed of photos I've taken of this little guy. Who really isn't so little anymore!
This kiddo has some of the coolest toys ever:
Then, as a reward for Carson's awesome-ness, we headed to his favorite park that we used for his 2 year old photos. He's definitely able to climb around this web better as a 4 year old!
Nick & Elaine: Thank you so much for your continued support! Carson's a joy to photograph and I'm sure Brecker will follow in his footsteps as he grows up too. The past couple years have gone by so fast--hard to believe that the next time we do this, Carson will be FIVE! (Clearly, I can do math...) You have a beautiful family and I so enjoy being able to capture this time in your lives. THANK YOU.

PS You can view the rest of their session HERE.