When asked what she wanted for her birthday, Kathie replied, "Pictures of my family." So, the ever-dutiful daughter-in-law, Sara, went to work finding a photographer that was available when all the family would be in town. Lucky for Sara, a photographer had just decided to join the Des Moines Alumn Chapter of SAI (a music fraternity for women). Lucky for me, I decided to join at just the right time.

After briefly introducing ourselves around a circle of 30 women, it was my turn and for whatever reason, my heart was beating out of my chest. As in, if you'd looked at my shirt, you could see it thumping. I was so nervous to talk about myself to this group of strangers, that I totally forgot to include that I'm a photographer. Out of the 2 people I knew there, one was sitting next to me and proffered the information to the group that, "Oh, and she's a rockin' good photographer too, ladies. Seriously." Mentally kicking myself for forgetting that tidbit of information, Sara jumped at it, asked for a business card and my availability for Oct. 1st or 2nd. BINGO!

Enter Nonny and Papa. Otherwise known as Kathie and Ron.

In the middle of our time together, Kathie proudly said to herself, "We made beautiful kids. And then, our kids married and made even better looking ones." I couldn't agree more. This group of 11 was fun-loving, creative and laid back. Calling me by my first name within the first minute of our time together, I felt like they'd known me for much longer than 15 minutes. I couldn't have asked for a better photo shoot to officially kick off the "Christmas Card season" that is fall in the midwest.

 I had pre-visualized some spots around our location before arriving, but when you have 4 boys under the age of 6, they really do dictate how the shoot will go. Using the slide was a fantastic ice-breaker and perfect for what we needed.

On her Facebook status the day before, Anna was convinced she'd be the awkward, single Aunt that the photographer wouldn't know where to place. I think she fit in beautifully and she's also the first actress who's headshot I've taken. Anna has henceforth been dubbed "Super Cool Aunt". I think these boys would totally agree, unless Carter has to give her a kiss...it's not cool to kiss anyone once you hit age 6, apparently. :)
These are the good lookin' kids Kathie and Ron made:
These are siblings of the younger generation. Carter, and his twin brothers, Max and Isaac.
Dane, so far, flies solo really well in front of the camera.
Kathie, Ron, Sara, Jason, Anna, Toni, Greg: Thank you so much for having me, it was a complete joy and I hope our paths cross sooner than later!

You can view the rest of their session HERE.