I waffled on this one. A lot this year. I didn't even have any good buttery or syrupy excuses for not doing it, except that maybe I had other books to read that I was more interested in or I'd have trouble finishing one because I didn't see the point. In fits and spurts, I'd check out two at a time from the library and eventually swallowed 11 Classic Books from my list. Whole.  And eventually, as I finished each book, I could see why they'd made the Librarian's Top 100 Classics List. Thus, Goal #9 for 2011 is complete. Here are the 12 that I decided to read this year:

1.Lord of the Rings-Tolkien (yes, all 3)
2. Kristen Lavransdotter-Undset (best story as to why teens can't handle premarital sex...just sayin')
3. Rebecca-DuMaurier (after a slow start, this definitely felt like a soap opera, but more clean. By the end, I couldn't put it down!)
4. Snow Falling on Cedars-Guterson (details life for Japanese Americans during WWII)
5. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry-Taylor
6. Anne of Green Gables-Montgomery (this series is on the top of my best movies list and now, I've finally read the first installment!)
7. Pigs in Heaven-Kingsolver (interesting insight to the life of a single mother and adoption.)
8. Slaughterhouse Five-Vonnegut (not my cup of tea, but for male WWII buffs....may be a keeper.)
9. Persuasion-Austen (*sigh* what would our world be like if everyone still had manners like this?!)
10. Christy-Marshall (if you're a female, Christian, educator, or missionary you will like this book. Period.)
11. For Whom the Bell Tolls-Hemingway (reinstated my dislike for Hemingway. This book was very anti-war, anti-military. So sad.)
12. Fried Green Tomatoes-Flagg (TOWANDA! That's all I have to say. Oh, and I have more insurance...;) )

I'm putting the list aside for a little while, though I may pick up Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' just to get in the spirit of the holidays and see how accurate the movies that have been made on this plot line actually are.
I have a stack of books that Gerard graciously allowed me to purchase, knowing they'd be good breakfast food for my soul. Butter, syrup and all. By the fork-ful. Here they are:
1. What Women Fear-By Angie Smith
2. The War of Art-By Stephen Pressfield
3. Motivating Your Man God's Way-By Dr. & Mrs. Emerson Eggerichs
4. The Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study-By Jen Hatmaker
5. What's It Like to be Married to Me? (and other scary questions)-By Linda Dillow

I will let you know how these fare as I make my way through them. Happy Reading & Happy Weekend!