We have a smaller house and because of its size, it can feel cluttered quite quickly if we don't keep things in their proper place. So, when the Christmas decorations come out, I have to be careful of just how much actually comes out and where I place it. We were gifted some great outdoor lights so we've upped the ante in that department while trying to do it tastefully.  While Gerard was doing his 12 hour work day last weekend, I was busy finding places to use them:

on our front entry stairs

draped along our deck
and on our piano

We've always done lights on our stair banister leading up to our bedrooms, but this year, I wanted to encorporate something new. I just needed a strategy to help me execute the plan: an Advent Calender. As I said, our space is limited, so the piano was not an option, nor was the bookshelf because we put our stockings and nativity scene there.
There also wasn't room on our kitchen table as it has the table runner my mom made for us that I absolutely love. I also need as much space in the kitchen as possible if I'm cooking a lot this month:
So with these places occupied, that left the banister. How about a Banister Banner? Yahtzee!! I started with 3" squares of different Christmas scrapbooking paper that I purchased on the cheap from a  friend and scrapbooking guru.
I cut out additional squares of 2 1/2" for some contrast.

Then, I set my cricut to a letter height of 2 1/4" for my numbers to be cut out of more scrapbook paper.
Next, I did some homework and found 25 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled in just his birth alone, one for each square. I typed those up and printed them on a separate cardstock color and distressed the edges with stamp ink like my guru taught me.

Lastly, the challenge was how to display it on the banister. My guru suggested sewing them together, but alas, I don't own a sewing machine. So, I found some leftover twine from a previous project and asked Gerard to pick up clothes pins from his trip to Menard's. Voila!

THE END. Or is it the beginning of Advent!? Merry Christmas!