Just like Valentine's Day, birthdays can be dangerous. I texted this to my friend/pastor's wife/marriage counselor, Becky, this morning. Apparently, for moms, Mother's Day is just as tricky, as I learned from her response. It's a daring balance of hoped-for celebrations tempered by not wanting those hopes dashed to ashes on the proverbial birthday cake. If your expectations aren't high, then you can't be disappointed. I've told myself this in countless situations beyond the realm of anniversary/birthday/Valentine's Day.

I didn't set my hope in getting married to a handsome & wonderfully perfect guy. But God answered my  prayers in Gerard who is wonderfully perfect for me.

I didn't set my hope in getting the job I wanted. But God answered my fervant prayers in His oh-so-timely provision.

I don't set my value & worth in how clean & organized my home is. But I haven't always been that way and God has, and still is, refiningd me in this area.

I didn't set my value & worth in getting a Thank You from my co-workers when I help them pull off a smooth rehearsal from behind the scenes. But I know that my God sees.

I am continually, daily, setting my Hope, Value & Worth in Christ. Not in how many birthday well wishes I get on Facebook or via text (though those are nice and very much appreciated!)

In this Christmas season (and birthday month for both Gerard & me), our Christmas card focuses instead on our thanks to God for all He has done for us this year. This precious year of 2011. Most especially, we can thank a God that we can stake our hope in...upon...whatever preposition you feel fits. Our hope is ultimately in Him and Him alone.

Merry, Merry CHRISTmas and a most joyous new year!
May you continue to put your hope in the Lord in 2012.