Whilst trying to re-upload 2010 and 2011 photos to the blog and posting the family sessions we did, I neglected to highlight our nephew & niece and their flashy personas. They have most definitely stolen our hearts and Gerard & I couldn't be more eager to see them again. If only we lived closer...

So in the spirit of Show Choir season, we are doing a mash-up today. Call it the Battle of the Sexes, US v. Korea (Heaven forbid!), or War of the 'Dens' (both of their names are crazily similar...)I'm showing you the cutest kiddos in our lives right now and you can be the judge of who takes the prize.

We'll  compare and contrast these tykes in their natural habitats in similar situations so as to have as few variables in this contest as possible.

Eating at the table:

With family members:
I absolutely LOVE seeing my mom so happy!
(Caden wanted to take a bite out of Gerard's nose...but then wanted to cuddle and apologize...)
All out Cuteness:
So there you have it! Camden has the red-head thing going for her, but Caden has the sweet Asian-Baby-ness going for him. I'll leave it up to you to leave a comment below with your vote. Regardless of the outcome, I do believe their respective mamas will think their own child is the most adorable. :)

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