I've been joyfully unplugged from the blog world for the past two weeks. Not that I was happy to be away from here, I definitely have sessions to post and ideas to share, but I'm definitely happy with the reason why I was unplugged. Family. Southern California sunshine. My "other" dog, Sadie. And this dear thing:
(taken on Instagram via iTouch)

I have several stories to tell, but suffice it to say that while still in Iowa, my blog encountered some technical difficulties that slowed my progress in updating the blog. You might notice that all of 2008 and 2009 (excepting weddings) have been deleted. Photos were lost off the internet, but not my personal hard drive. In the interest of time and my sanity, I've chosen to only repost 2011, 2010 and the weddings of 2009 to start fresh while I investigate website or blogsite options. Because I will, eventually, run out of space again...

In the meantime, I'm crafting my goals and desires for 2012 as I recount the goals and desires that were met with success in 2011. As I think back on 2011 and all the good changes that came to me by the grace of God, I think the phrase or theme of 2012 will be "Joyful". Being joyful in all I do; willingly serving others, shifting my attitude purposely so that I don't gripe or complain. The technical difficulties of last week really help me trim down and the Krupke house is experiencing its own "trim down" as we pitch and toss and sort to start fresh with less clutter.

2012 will be fresh.

2012 will be focused & purposeful.

2012 will be full of JOY.

And in case you missed it on Facebook, here's a blooper from my session with my sister, Katie, and her lovely family. One caveat before you scroll down: my niece Camden was cutting 2 molars. Had just had 3 shots at the doctor's office. And only one nap for the day. It was a great insight into how some of my families might prep for a photo shoot with a Little One!! (Notice Eric choking the dog and Katie just laughing through it all?)
May your new year of 2012 be joyful also and hopefully, we can laugh through it all together. :)