I've photographed this adorable family before at some pivitol moments in this family's history. First, when Caden was just 5 weeks, Mimi traveled to Iowa City to allow Grandma Billie (while in hospice) to meet her first great-grandchild. Second, when Caden was 3 months, for his baptism (which ended up being in the hospital's chapel because Mimi's gall bladder decided it wanted to get out of her body) and thankfully, this brings us to photo session #3. HOSPITAL FREE. Praise the LORD! :)

Mimi & her husband, Adam, travel from their home in Silver City to the closest airport 3 hours away and then do about two legs of plane rides to land in the Quad Cities' airport. All while trying to entertain a 9-month-old. That takes (a) guts and (b) braun, not to mention endless energy to entertain sweet Caden. We did a brief session in my mother-in-law's back yard for part of her Christmas present:

My posing idea:
What Mimi did with it:
My idea:
Their idea:
My idea:
Their idea:

Are you getting the idea that it's somewhat difficult to reign in your own family when doing a session with them? :)
Not to mention the running back and forth from the tripod to the group...:)

I might hazard to say that Caden did his job the best...well, maybe Adam tied for that title...
I was taking photos of Gerard with his favorite nephew, when the fire alarm went off due to some spillage in the oven. Whoops! Ever concerned about a potential musician's ears, Uncle G covered Caden right away. Caden's expression was priceless!
All in all, we had a wonderful time with Gerard's side of the family, resting, relaxing and celebrating Christmas together. :)

Up next: I thought my in-laws were hard to reign in for a session, check back in the next post to see how it went with my own family!

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