2012 has already morphed so much for me already. From New Year's Eve feeling foggy and nebulous, to cementing my plans and making them into goals & desires, I'm getting more of a grip on what this year is going to look like. (At least from my vantage point.) So much so, that I need to go out tonight and buy a planner that continues through the whole year. (As a teacher, I revolve around the school calender. So right now, my life "ends" at the beginning of June.)

Here are a few things that I'm happy AND content about this year:
1. the families who are booking their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th sessions with me. Biggest. Compliment. Ever.

2. the potential, and already booked, brides I get to meet and become friends with. I'm so thankful for their amount of trust in me.

3. spreading my wings a bit and gaining new piano students, just from a simple Facebook pitch to parents for the summer and perhaps beyond. God really does provide what I can handle, when I can handle it.

4. 32 days until I get a full night's rest post Solo Contest. We are half way there! Hallelujah.

5. Though it sounds like I'm all over the place and stretched in about 6 different directions, it doesn't feel that way and I'm actually going to be consolidating this summer by not returning to one particular job post I've held for the last 7 years. Sianara! The Krupke household will be solely music and photography. Period.

6. And who could not LOVE the weather we are having?!? My prediction stands: not a single snow day this school year. Finito, that's it-we'll be out of school on May 31st.