We will be the first to admit that we don't have it all together. We make lots of mistakes, and are most definitely not perfect. But, when Andrea of Everafterblueprint.com asked me to detail some things about our marriage, I tried to put our best foot forward and still be honest.

This is my second time being featured on their blog and I'm so glad they invited me again. When I say "They", I'm also referring to Andrea's other Blogger-half, Laura (who's currently on complete bed rest....pray for her please!). She would be the first to admit that this pregnancy isn't quite what they expected it to be...often life isn't what we expect....and ka-blam! I just wrapped up some loose ends:

So, while Valentine's Day should be lovey-dovey, smelling like roses, and marriage sometimes can be that way, here's a dose of what life after the wedding looks like from time to time. . . Check out some insight into our lives post-wedding day HERE. (photos courtesy of Justin Meyer.)

Happy Valentine's Day!