Soren cautiously eyed his surroundings as he sat in the middle of the room. This space was still somewhat new to me and definitely brand-spankin' new to him. Eventually, sitting and using only his visual sense wasn't enough. The tactile sense had to gather new information, so he crawled towards me and my black object that went "click":
Gradually, the smiles that my husband, Gerard, favored made its debut for the day:
A brief clothing change resulted in these photos:
I wonder how long those little feet will fit in Dad's hand?
I have to give a shout out to Auntie Melinda who helped a lot of the smiles in this session happen--
And of course, to Mom & Dad:

I LOVE this little Newsie cap. It might make a reappearance for his 1 year photos. Crazy to think that will be this May!
Stacy & Chris: thank you so much for having me! It's been amazing to watch Soren grow and change; seeing all the quirks between each 3 months evolve into the handsome little man he is today has been a true joy. 

PS You can see the rest of our session HERE.