Inspired by THIS POST about two weeks ago, I went into a spring cleaning frenzy and spilled all my organizational/creative juices onto my desk/workspace area. Because one of our goals this year is to consolidate our office furniture (since Gerard is FINITO with his masters and we no longer need two separate work areas), I felt the need to get a move on it already! So, today, here is some more of my inspiration that I've been sitting on for months and the progress I've made on that 2012 goal.

After seeing this lovely work area, I decided it was time and developed my own game plan:
It's a very rough drawing of our work area, but it helped me visualize ok!? Notice the date in the top right corner as if to say, "Hey, in a few months, if this isn't done, the Start Date will be staring you in the face." And the ever so encouraging "FREE" or "FREE-ING" steps to the Game Plan? Gerard was all for those. :)
Here's what we started with (the area is back in the corner, behind the recliner, but the window looks out on our front yard):
(these were taken with my iTouch because I was too antsy to get started!)

And those FREE/FREE-ING things have been completed!
Here's an "In Progress" view:
Couple of things happened here:
1. Moved the printer from the desk to the "game cabinet"
2. Games went into a tub (except for our most used games) and camera gear went into the cabinet.
3. trash can is hiding between the desk and cabinet
4. camera bag is hiding between the cabinet and the shelf
5. desk top area cleared of unnecessary items, drawers purged again and only things most often used are on the desktop.

Gerard has been collecting jars for us to use as drinking glasses since we were first married. So these pieces of decor are US. Any other glass set has smashed or broken way too easily. Canning jars are sturdy! I will add some of those to the window shelf in addition to these beauties (a former Coke glass dressed up with some scrapbooking paper & twine, and an olive oil glass)

The best part? Gerard has already "broken in" the space by using it for some show choir work this weekend AND his devotional time this morning. I think he's warming up to the whole Game Plan!

Updates coming in the months to come! I'm thinking something along these lines for our shelving area:
Here's to working with a few spray paint cans!! :)

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