The week following Solo/Ensemble contest at the beginning of March, I found myself inhaling deeply and sighing to exhale slowly. My shoulders felt lighter, less burdened and I woke up with a glimmer of a smile. The only thing keeping me from fully smiling was the waiting. Waiting for Gerard to join me.

Now, now he finally has.

As we sit together on the couch, watching 'The Voice' (it's music reconnaissance for us, what can I say?!), we can both inhale until our lungs might burst and exhale for dozens of seconds. Show Choir season has finished. 

I can't say that we're together and alone. His allergies are like an interrupting child pulling on his pant leg for face time. As he tells me, "God must really care about my professional life because I don't sneeze while teaching or judging. It all starts immediately after each event." But, all that to say, we can both breathe deeply now.

I through my nose and he through his mouth, of course. :)

Don't get me wrong, we both LOVE our jobs and firmly believe that we are in the right vocation, but getting out of the "pressure-cooker" phase of the school year feels good. I was asked in the hallways of school today if I'd recovered from this past weekend (final show choir performance and banquet) and I didn't hesitate when I said, "Nope!" We haven't even had time to mow our lawn yet and it looks like we'll be bale-ing hay. Can't you just picture Ella romping through the mounds of cut grass?

Which leads me to a fresh round of Sharps n' Flats.

Flats (generally iffy things)
-The critical timing of Gerard's sneeze attacks-usually when we're together (and don't say he's allergic to me!)
-Bale-ing hay and combing strands of grass out of Ella's fur

Sharps (generally positive things)
+Out of the pressure-cooker!
+The critical timing of Gerard's sneeze attacks-outside of professional time
+Watching The Voice. Together. And not a replay on
+The hot weather and all my bulbs springing up!
+Ella's excitement that Mommy & Daddy are at home at the same time more often.
+Photographing adorable families like this one:
If this photo doesn't shout SPRING at you, I don't know what will...

Happy Spring!

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