I haven't given her a lot of internet time, but Faith has definitely put in tons of time with photography this school year overall. From our backyard shoot, to being my Upwards Assistant, Faith has carried a camera in her hand on all trips, family events and outings with friends. As if the camera has become an additional appendage to her body, she's learning a lot and not about to let go of it. Despite the D50 getting stolen and returned within a week, to the stock lens no longer working, and now to owning her very own nifty 50mm...she's working hard and I couldn't be prouder of her.

So, when she asked me to help out on a shoot for a friend's senior photos, how could I not say "no"? Especially, when it's a girl named Jazmin.

I got to meet this sweetheart of a lady on our youth group's mission trip and she stole my heart before I ever had a conversation with her. Her quiet service without being asked. Her enthusiasm for the Mission of the trip. Her kindness to the girls around her. She embodies compassion amidst chaos and stormy weather the day of her session wasn't going to keep us from doing her senior photos.

I didn't have to help Faith much once we got settings set. I gave Jaz her pose and Faith would do her 'thang, getting different angles, while I got some shots of my own.

Here are some of my favorites from my camera:

Post shoot, Faith and I sat down with my computer and culled the images, imported them to Lightroom and after watching me edit mine, Faith took over to edit her's. In that time, my feathers puffed up as a proud Mother Hen watched her Baby Chick make artistic decisions and back them up with reasons why.

Way to go Faith!

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