Christian quickly and quietly reached for Shawn as I entered the front door. "He thinks you're a babysitter. Don't take it personally." Shawn reassured me as he hugged Christian, their second born, and set him down.  As Lauren completed the finishing touches on her hair's curls, and Nathan took one last trip to the bathroom, we made our way to the front door again for a walk.

I'd always wanted to photograph here, but thought a cemetary slightly morbid for a family session. Lauren & Shawn found the most beautiful spots of it though, without grave markers, and we made the most of our time together.

As a quick suggestion, on our way out the door, we grabbed Lauren's rocking chair from when she was a Little One and used it for her boys. First, Nathan:

The following photos were as silly as Nathan got with me during our session. With a slight sneeze thrown in for good measure:).

Though they've walked through this area multiple times, they've never actually fed the geese. This time, they did and we garnered a following and it gave the boys a break from getting their pictures taken.

While the boys played with sticks and rocks (I love how boys are easily entertained!!), we got some great images of Lauren & Shawn as a duet without their other quartet members.

While wrapping up and sensing the boys were finished, I grabbed some candids of Lauren in her gorgeous role of Mom.

Lauren & Shawn: As always, it is a pleasure! Thank you so much for trusting me and hanging out with me and my camera. You have a beautiful family and are raising your boys so well. There were several occassions together where I was so impressed with how they responded to discipline, guidance and your requests. What a job well done! Can't wait till our next session--I'm sure your boys will amaze me then even more. :)



PS You can view the rest of our session