Climbing cautiously up the stairs of his new house, Soren made his way to the front door to greet me. Stacy had met me at the front step and let me know that Soren had hit a


. The dredded

I'm-shy-of- everyone-new

phase. Which, really, is what parents should teach their children-"be wary of strangers". Though, it doesn't always bode well for the photographer that he sees only once every three months! But slowly and surely, Soren warmed back up to me and my black, clicking machine. He wasn't nearly as smile-ful as he has been in the past, we managed to eck out some great photos to commemorate turning the big O-N-E.

I can always count on Stacy to have wonderful props and accessories on hand. Growing up in a house full of estrogen myself, she is introducing me to the cute-ness that is boys' clothing.

As this session happened on Mother's Day, Stacy's mom & dad were on hand assembling Soren's birthday presents in the basement and came out for a few photos during our time together.

Then we got to the dirty work. Or at least, what I thought would be...Soren is a very clean eater!

Stacy & Chris: I can't believe Soren's already ONE! It's always a blast spending time with you three (and inevitably Auntie M too!) and seeing what accessories we get to use each time. Thank you for making my job super easy, not just for the props, but for having such a cute Little One that graces me with his smiles. Looking forward to the fall!



PS You can view more of our time together



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