It honestly could not have worked out better. Bobi Jo contacted me to take her family's photos because their oldest son, Nate, would be in town on leave from the Navy. And, because it was a holiday weekend, their younger son, Nick was graduating, AND Nate was home? Well, it smacked of a family photo op. Memorial Day was the perfect occasion to document this time in a military family's life.

Now, for the (+2) in this post's title...Nick & Katie have been together since middle school and are probably that kind of couple that will make it together for the next 70 years. Lauren & Nate have just started their journey (relatively speaking compared to Nick & Katie) and I loved the way each of the girls showcased their own style within Bobi Jo's request of jeans & a blue top.

Bobi Jo & Don are coming up on a landmark anniversary of their own next year but haven't had photos of just the two of them for quite awhile...

We moved from the bench area to the memorial commemorating the Iowan soldiers involved in the Civil War. I'm really liking how cement is a natural reflector and looks so clean in images too!

For an addition to their portfolio of the afternoon, we moved to the East Lawn of the capitol because Don actually was part of the crew for the renovation of the building itself. We had to get the golden dome in at least a few family photos.

Now, I've been on the same music staff (pun intended) as Gerard for four years now and I thought I knew our co-workers decently well. I guess you never know what some people are "game" for until you get them in front of a camera. . . I should've known better because Lauren, Nick, Nate & Bobi Jo are all show choir buffs; Katie & Lauren have been dancing since they could breathe; and Don? Well, Don's up for just about anything. So, when I asked, "Who's up for laying down?" Don & Bobi Jo were the first to volunteer!

The dancers then had the idea to "do the jumping picture"! This one left me wondering if Bobi Jo wasn't a cheerleader at some point in her life....I was super impressed with the air they all got!

The end-of-day-light reflections in the entryway was gorgeous, so the boys hopped up for a few last shots:

And happily choreographed this one on their way down...

Bobi Jo + Don: Thank you so much for letting me get to know your family better! It was so fun to get to know you from behind the camera and I hope to see you guys next year for that big 2-5 anniversary. Enjoy the summer Bobi Jo-we'll see you in August!



PS You can view the remainder of our session