They have the typical love story: boy meets girl, boy likes girl, things get a little complicated, boy & girl eventually

get married

. But what's unique about them is not only their combined IQ (they're both pharmacists), but the way they serve others. Whether through Awana in our church,

helping me with Upwards sports photos

, helping people move with Greg's truck...and that's just what I'm aware of-I'm pretty sure that I don't even count for 1/10 of a percent of how they've served those around them.

Now, Cindy gets to prop up her feet and relax-at least, when Abigail isn't in need of some Food Service. ;)

Greg & Cindy grew their family this week to three members (plus their dog). And at 3 days old, Abigail had her first modeling appearance in front of my camera!

You can already tell that Greg's in love with Abigail-the entire session, he kept calling her "my child" in the most sincere and gentle tone, sometimes with sarcasm when she cried, but mostly with Love. :)

I'll close with what I think is my favorite of the session:

Cindy & Greg-Thank you so much for having me! Abigail is an absolute doll and so easy to work with. I know your time spent serving others will make the transition to parenthood a little smoother because you've already given so much of yourselves to others. Now, you get to give yourself to someone you (& the Lord) MADE!  Here's to sleep-filled nights (as soon as possible!). :)

PS You can view the rest of our time together