So, this is where we sit-at least for now. As is typical for me and my creative process, I'll make one huge lunge forward and rest with the results until another inspiration storm hits. Gerard is hugely patient when these storms pop up on the radar and indulges me most of the time. Without further adieu, here is where our basement project rests:

BASEMENT BEFORE (taken with my iTouch)

AFTER...for now.

Things to notice: new window treatment, shelves to the left of desk, cleaned off coffee table, recovered pillows (see how ugly they used to be!?), artwork changed places on the left wall to be above the TV unit. Blanket is still on big ottoman so Ella can dig at something to make a "bed" every once in a while.

DESK BEFORE-taken with my iTouch (no wonder I didn't get any work done! Also, notice the tape on the blinds? so glad we got rid of those!)

DESK AFTER...for now

I have a feeling I'm going to maneuver things around on the shelves, but for now, this is where we are in the process. I think I still have a few things to organize/pitch/sort on the lower shelves and in my desk, but to me, this feels like a breath of fresh air!

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